Making Finance Accessible and Inclusive

Fearless Finance

Personal and tailored financial consulting focusing on financial modeling, valuation, and investor pitches

I offer simple and affordable consultancy services, ensuring that I am start-up and small business friendly.

I will challenge and evolve your ideas and early stage business into a solid well considered value proposition to take to investors, partners, and new hires.

I bring my two decades of expertise on financial topics, management consulting, and technology to unlock your success and help you succeed.

Being a mom of two relentless toddlers and a yoga instructor, I am passionate about mindfulness and financial wellbeing.

Let's together understand the art of finance, removing any inhibitions and making it your own.

Financial Modeling

Focusing on your aspirations, requirements, and expectations, I will help you build your business model. Your model will be unique, empowering you to tell your story through numbers.


Using powerful concepts such as financial statement analysis, discounted cash flow analysis, and financial forecasting, I will help you valuate your business. This will enable you to secure the funding you need.

Investor Pitches

Thought partnering with you, I will help you craft a clear, concise and compelling story. This will showcase your business, vision, and brand to your investors.

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